The 3 Types of Diversity That Shape Our Identities

MAY 24, 2018 Source: DORLING KINDERSLEY/GETTY IMAGES Diversity means different things to different people. In a study of 180 Spanish corporate managers, we explored perceptions of diversity and found that depending on who is answering, diversity usually means one of three things: demographic diversity (our gender, race, sexual orientation, and so on), experiential diversity (our affinities, hobbies, and abilities), and cognitive diversity (how we … Continue reading The 3 Types of Diversity That Shape Our Identities

Workplace rivalry

What Data on Formula One Crashes Suggests About Workplace Rivalries Source: Do you have a work twin? Is there a colleague whose name is constantly mentioned in the same breath as yours? This colleague’s responsibilities may differ from yours; he or she may even work in an entirely different department. Yet because his or her position in the organizational hierarchy is roughly equivalent to … Continue reading Workplace rivalry

What makes a good entrepreneur.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Here are 10 characteristics that set successful entrepreneurs apart: 1. Passion and Motivation Although there are many traits that make an entrepreneur successful, perhaps the most important are passion and motivation. Is there something you can work on over and over again without getting bored? Is there something that keeps you awake at night because … Continue reading What makes a good entrepreneur.

Product life cycle.

As consumers, we buy millions of products every year. And just like us, these products have a life cycle. Older, long-established products eventually become less popular, while in contrast, the demand for new, more modern goods usually increases quite rapidly after they are launched. Because most companies understand the different product life cycle stages, and that the products they sell all have a limited lifespan, … Continue reading Product life cycle.

Expectation of organizations from management graduates

This is a guest article from Mr. Arpan Anand – CHRO, SuperTech Developers In past 10 years the world has dramatically changed. From a stable economy to a volatile economy, Brand centric to customer centric and from one form of media to multi layered mode of communication. We are in so called-VUCA (Volatile, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world. The complete outlook of the corporates has … Continue reading Expectation of organizations from management graduates

What is Corporate social responsibility.

Definition: Corporate Social Responsibility (also known as CSR, corporate conscience, and corporate citizenship) is the integration of socially beneficial programs and practices into a corporation’s business model and culture. CSR aims to increase long-term profits for online and offline businesses by enabling them to become more efficient and attract positive attention for their efforts. What Benefits Does CSR Offer to Businesses? Both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar … Continue reading What is Corporate social responsibility.

Are the 4 Ps of marketing still relevant.

The evolution of the digital age has caused the standard methods and practices of nearly every industry to change and grow to work within this new paradigm. One industry that has arguably seen the most benefit from the growth of digital is marketing. Today’s marketers have access to a wealth of information and access through new tools for customer profiling, artificial intelligence, and response analysis … Continue reading Are the 4 Ps of marketing still relevant.

Using the BCG Matrix (Growth Market Share Matrix) to review your product portfolio

What is the BCG Matrix? The Boston Consulting group’s product portfolio matrix (BCG matrix) is designed to help with long-term strategic planning, to help a business consider growth opportunities by reviewing its portfolio of products to decide where to invest, to discontinue or develop products. It’s also known as the Growth/Share Matrix. The Matrix is divided into 4 quadrants derived on market growth and relative … Continue reading Using the BCG Matrix (Growth Market Share Matrix) to review your product portfolio

What Great Managers do.

Ever wondered what makes a great manager and how important it is to work under a manager that is dynamic, intelligent, courtious, and supportive. A good manager can help you achieve your personal career goals while a poor one will drag you down. You don’t always get to choose who you work with but understanding what it could mean for your career and self development … Continue reading What Great Managers do.